If you like relay and obstacle races then you will like orienteering sport as well. It’s a very exciting sport that involves physical activity and brain work too. Unlike the normal races where just your speed is tested, in the orienteering race, your knowledge of the map and decision-making skills at crucial conditions will also be tested.

In the orienteering race, you have to do mountain running, cycling, skiing, and other things. So, you need to be good at all these. However, speed is not the only focus in this game. There will be lots of checkpoints and the athletes have to reach those checkpoints using the map before going to the destination.

The athletes will be given a paper map and a compass. They may get lost or go in the wrong direction. All these challenges make this sport super exciting. The terrain in which the athletes run is not smooth. There will be mountains and hills that they have to pass. So, the athletes need to be trained on how to run in these rough terrains.

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This blog is about orienteering sport and athletes in Scotland. Here you will know about the competitions that take place in Scotland and learn about the career and personal life of the champions. You will also know about the awards they got.

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