Orienteering sports are very popular in Scotland and many other parts of the world. Many people are still unaware of this exciting sport. If you want to know more about this sport you can read the blogs mentioned below.

IOF Reflections

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In this blog, you will learn about the International Orienteering Federation. This is the governing body of international orienteering. Here you will find articles on the related niche. There will be discussions and you will learn a lot about orienteering sport from here.

Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club

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It is an active orienteering club located in Edinburgh, Scotland. It has an affiliation with the Scottish Orienteering Association. Here you will know about the various upcoming orienteering events and the results of the past events.

You will get maps of the various terrains where the competitions are held. You will know about the membership option so that if you are interested you can join the club. Here you will find the latest news about any orienteering competition or other related things.

Dan Chissick’s Orienteering Blog

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This blog is written by a qualified orienteering instructor and coach. He also runs an orienteering club. He has a great passion for this sport and shares his thoughts and experiences here for the athletes. Here you will find useful tips on sports. You will know how to train for an orienteering competition, and more.

These blogs will help you to learn more about orienteering sport. You will know about the competitions, the rules, the federation that organises such events, and more. These blogs are ideal for those who are interested in orienteering sport. You will learn how to train yourself to be better at it. You will also get information about joining an orienteering club. By reading these blogs you will gain a lot of knowledge about this exciting sport and stay updated with the latest news regarding this sport.